Aluminium Conveyor - MX Series - 225mm wide

The MX aluminium conveyor is based on an anodized aluminium beam fitted with low friction slide rail which guides the flexible plastic chain. Tight radius wheel bends and larger radius plain bends mean products, large and small can be carried around both horizontal and vertical bends.б═ Bends start at 500mm radius with bend angles of 30б╟, 45б╟, 90б╟ and 180б╟. Guide rails on the sides of the conveyor make sure that the products stay on track. Plastic Slat Conveyor

Technical Details

Type / Model MX
Chain width 220mm
Beam width 225mm
Drive Front, Combined
Idler End
Chain Plain, Friction
Horizontal Wheel Bend  
Radius 150mm -
Radius 160mm -
Radius 200mm -
Horizontal Plain Bend  
Radius 500mm 30б╟, 45б╟, 60б╟, 90б╟
Radius 700mm 30б╟, 45б╟, 60б╟, 90б╟
Radius 1000mm 30б╟, 45б╟, 60б╟, 90б╟
Vertical Bend  
Radius 300mm -
Radius 400mm -
Radius 1000mm 5б╟, 7б╟, 15б╟, 25б╟, 45б╟,б═ 90б╟
Tensile strength at 20б╟C 6000N
Maximum working tension 1300N
Working temperature -20б╟C to 60б╟C
Recommended running speed 3-60 m/min
Max. conveyor length (depend on layout) 30m
Minimum turning radius 500mm
Link spacing (Pitch) 44.5mm
Chain weight (plain chain) 3.4kg/m
Chain weight (friction chain) 3.6kg/m
Chain weight (gripper chain) -

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