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MODU System began its journey with its establishment in Singapore in 1995. Initially, the manufacturing set up of the company was established in Malaysia in 1999, which later expanded to China & Europe in 2007 and to United States in 2010.

Quality maintenance and excellence in design has been the hallmark of our policy which was duly recognized in 2003 when the company was awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification. In acknowledgment of our dedication and progress, MODU System was awarded the esteemed “Pioneer Status” by the Malaysia Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) in the same year. Continuous excellence in quality earned MODU System ISO 9001:2008 QMS certification in 2010.

From the beginning, MODU System has made momentous development in conveyor business leaving behind many of its competitors, and aims to provide a ‘one-stop modular conveyor system centre’ in order to satisfy diverse consumers. The immaculate track record of the company in global business and international appreciation of its state of the art products, modern design and expert services are an implication of satisfied customer base.

At MODU System, we believe in maximizing production and minimizing all potential losses by streamlining material flow in production process. MODU System has a close knit relationship with its customers, distributors and agents which enable us to achieve the best material handling solution. As a one stop material solution provider.

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  • Greater flexibility & efficiency
  • Ease of design
  • Ease of installation & re-configuration
  • Aesthetic look
  • High reliability
  • Ease of transportation & shipping
  • Economical ownership



Innovation is a Never-Ending process

  MODU is a growth oriented company driven by innovative product development & engineering application. We pride ourselves as an engineering business which provides Technical Expertise in conveying solutions.    

Technology that puts the Environment First


We work hard to keep our product pollution to the minimum by using the basic guidelines which are reduce, reuse and recycle. MODU uses materials like aluminium, POM, ABS that are recyclable. Most of our parts are systematically coded to facilitate recovery & recycling. Our conveyor modular design encourages reusability even after layout re-configuration. Hence extending product life cycle with a very low carbon foot print throughout the manufacturing process.


MODU Systems Europe Limited
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