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Aluminium Conveyors  

Aluminium Conveyors

MODU System has gained extensive experience by research, development, manufacturing and installation of plastic chain modular conveyor systems. All MODU conveyor systems are thoroughly tested to ensure extended service life and low maintenance.
MODU provides seven diverse plastic chain conveyor systems out of which four systems are aluminium based. All conveyor systems can be effortlessly assembled with standard tools.
Single components are prepared with anodized aluminum and plastic, giving a spotless and artistic outlook. A ready stock availability of conveyer components is ensured at MODU System at all times. The bends, straights and supports are made up of pre-assembled pieces due to which MODU Conveyors can be reconfigured or assembled in a short time using simple hand held tools.

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Stainless Steel Conveyors  

Stainless Steel Conveyors

MODU System’s stainless steel conveyor system comprises of two distinct DS2 and DL2 streamlines assembly and installation time, which allows rapid line modifications. MODU stainless steel conveyors can function easily at high speeds without lubrication.
Our conveyor’s are modular in design which means trouble-free line configurations, site installation and maintenance making them cost effective and simple to use.

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MatTop Conveyors  

MatTop Conveyors

The modular plastic belt conveyor system from MODU is a simplifies conveying large products. All components of the plastic belt conveyor is standardised for easy engineering, maintenance and operation.
Simplicity in its design makes MODU’s new plastic belt conveyor reliable, flexible, safe and adaptive to any requirements.б═ The white POM belt surface is flat and smooth which minimizes the risk of scratches on products, allowing safe handling of sensitive products.

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MT320 MR480 MF590



Gripper Conveyor System Click photo to go to page

Gripper is utilized for moving the products up and down or to put things on a hold between the conveyers or at the finishing stage of the conveyer. Two sets of conveyers are attached in a gripper in order to transport products to higher or lower elevations while taking up minimal floor space. It holds the product in a firm but gentle manner before releasing it to another conveyor.
 Advantages of gripper conveyors


Accumulation Conveyor  

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Accumulation conveyor momentarily holds products before liberating them to the next production phase. Accumulation conveyers come in two different configurations; accumulation table and alpine conveyor.




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