Where to Use

With our full range of aluminium and stainless steel conveyors and widths ranging from 45mm to 225mm Modu is used in a wide range of industries.


Food & Packaging


Tea, Juice, Soft Drink, Glass Bottle, Metal Can, Cartons, Biscuits, Confectionery, Margarine, Ice Cream, Yoghurt, Milk, Powder, Chocolate Powder, Instant Noodle, Cereal, Snack Crisp, Sugar Paper can, Health drink.  Images courtesy of Modu Malaysia


Personal & Pharmaceutical


Soap bar, Powder detergent, Toothpaste, Hair care product, Insect repellent, Sanitary Napkin, Health Supplement, Eye-care product, Hospital medical dispenser, Body lotion, Shower Cream. Images courtesy of Modu Malaysia


Electronic & Electrical


We can present solutions for handling sensitive products by offering low-statistic & clean conveyors. Battery, Hard-disk, Compact Disk, Substrate, Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). 


 Images courtesy of Modu Malaysia


Automotive & Machined Parts


The automotive & machined part industry has long product cycles with very high quality requirement. Reliability & maintainability are very important. Our customers include the leading car producers and part suppliers. With our global network & efficient logistics we will provide give you the best automation solutions.  Oil Filter, Bearing, Air Conditioning Compressor, Head & Tail light, Door winding set, Gear Wheel, Hard disk casing.   


Paper Converting


Tissue Roll, Kitchen Towel, Wrapped bag, Wrapped bundle, Boxes, Cases  


  • Automatic roll distribution systems handling the rolls between log saw & wrapper

  • Automatic handling & distribution of wrapped products from the primary wrapper to the secondary wrappers/bundler.

  • Automatic handling of cases & poly-bundles from the packing area to warehouse.

  • Flow control for diverter, balancer, merger & collator distributing the products on individual basis determined by downstream demand.

  • Pre-assembled modules for critical applications like turning, twisting, elevating, pending & collating of rolls at high output rates.  Images courtesy of Modu Malaysia


Spectacle Lens Industry (Ophthalmic)


Low speed with gentle operation. Lens tray conveyors, Gate systems, Diverters, Factory

Distribution, Side Pushers, Tray Lift and Lowering.



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